DOI: 10.24075/brsmu.2019.035


Complex decubitus ulcer therapy in a patient in chronic critical condition: a case report

Yakovleva AV1, Yakovlev AA1, Petrova MV1,2, Krylov KYu3
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1 Federal Research and Clinical Center of Intensive Care Medicine and Rehabilitology, Moscow, Russia

2 Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, Russia

3 Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University, Moscow, Russia

Correspondence should be addressed: Alexandra V. Yakovleva
Zelenograd 25, bl. 452, Moscow, 124498; ur.rrcknf@avelvokayva

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Author contribution: Yakovleva AV and Yakovlev AA — material/data collection and processing, article authoring; Petrova MV — general supervision, article editing; Krylov KYu — article authoring and editing.

Received: 2019-03-28 Accepted: 2019-05-08 Published online: 17.05.2019

76.72% of patients admitted to the ICU of the Federal Research and Clinical Center of Intensive Care Medicine and Rehabilitology (FRCC ICMR) in a chronic critical condition (CCC) associated with various types of damage to the brain were diagnosed with decubitus ulcers (DU), or bedsores, of 3rd and/or 4th stage. 33.41% of them were planned to undergo invasive rehabilitation procedures (neurosurgical intervention) that cannot be done while the patient has DU. This report describes a complex technique used to treat a 4th-stage sacrum DU in a CCC patient that needed ventriculoperitoneal shunting. We have covered contraindications to the exclusively surgical DU closing and the successful and rapid healing of the 4th-stage sacrum DU after application of the treatment technique.

Keywords: decubitalis ulcer, pressure ulcer, surgical treatment of pressure ulcers, a complex treatment of pressure ulcers, scale of Bates-Jensen