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Bulletin of RSMU

Aleksandr A. NOVIKOV

Lead Researcher at the Laboratory of Immunology and Molecular Biology of Rheumatic Diseases,
Research Institute of Rheumatology named after V. A. Nasonova (Moscow, Russia)

DSc (biology)

Areas of expertise:

clinical laboratory diagnosis of systemic autoimmune rheumatic diseases (SARD), state-of-art laboratory technologies, discovery of new SARD biomarkers

Special awards and honors:

Expert of the Russian Academy of Sciences


Significant publications in last 5 years

  1. Nasonov EL, Aleksandrova EN, Novikov AA. [Systemic autoimmune rheumatic diseases in 2013: Problems of laboratory diagnosis]. Terapevticheskij arkhiv. 2014; 86 (5): 4–9. Russian.
  2. Novikov AA, Aleksandrova EN, Nasonov EL. [Elaboration and application of the diagnostic index based on multivariate analysis of biomarkers to determine the activity of rheumatoid arthritis]. Rheumatology Science and Practice. 2014; 52 (1): 72–8. Russian.
  3. Novikov AA, Aleksandrova EN, Gerasimov AN, Cherkasova MV, Karateev DE, Luchikhina EL, et al. [Multiparameter analysis of biomarkers in the laboratory diagnosis of early rheumatoid arthritis]. Rheumatology Science and Practice. 2013; 51 (2): 111–6. Russian.
  4. Novikov AA, Cherkasova MV, Aleksandrova EN, Karateev DE, Popkova TV, Luchikhina EL, et al. [The comparative evaluation of the diagnostic value of methods of detection of antibodies to citrullinized proteins under rheumatoid arthritis]. Russian Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics. 2012; (10): 50–4. Russian.
  5. Novikov AA, Aleksandrova EN, Nasonov EL. [Proteomic studies in rheumatology]. Rheumatology Science and Practice. 2012; 50 (6): 56–62. Russian.
  6. Novikov AA, Aleksandrova EN, Popkova TV, Lineva OG, Avdeeva AS, Novikova DS, et al. [Role of multiplex cytokine analysis in the evaluation of the efficacy of rituximab during treatment for rheumatoid arthritis]. Rheumatology Science and Practice. 2011; 49 (5): 51–7. Russian.