Publishing fee

Since 2018 the journal "Bulletin of RSMU" publishes manuscripts in which financial support for the research is declared, on a fee basis. Regardless of the source of funding, the type of paper and the volume of the text, the publishing fee is 30 thousand rubles. We want to emphasize that we are not talking about advertising publications — we do not publish advertisements. At the same time we are sure that modern science develops much more effectively if access to new research data is free. The journal will continue to work in the open-access format.

We use DOI!

DOI (Digital Object Identifier) is an important tool for organizing the storage of scientific texts. Assigning scientific books or publications with DOIs makes their search much easier for researchers around the world. "Bulletin of RSMU" gave DOIs to all papers published in both language versions of the journal in 2016–2017. We see the first results: regular reports from CrossRef (an international agency that organizes work with identifiers) show that some papers of the authors of the "Bulletin of RSMU" already has several tens of views thanks to DOIs.

Archive on the "Lan" platform

We are striving to ensure that Bulletin of RSMU was available to readers on as many archival platforms as possible. The freer the access to articles, the more often they are quoted. We are glad to announce that now we are interacting with the electronic library system "Lan", which presents more than 700 journals. The system is being developed by the publishing house of the same name from St. Petersburg. You can download handy apps on Google Play and the AppStore and always have access to the system.

Bulletin of RSMU was accepted by Scopus!

We are glad to inform our readers that experts of the international citation database Scopus have taken a close interest in our journal and recommended it for accession to the database. All 2017 issues of the Bulletin of RSMU will be available in Scopus. Articles published in these issues will be indexed as Scopus publications. The profile of the journal and the archive of issues are expected to be ready in about three months. We will notify the readers once the inclusion process is complete.

Priority topics for publication
Bulletin of RSMU is a journal of multidisciplinary research. However, it is hard to be an expert in every field arranging a quality peer review for each manuscript. That is why we have decided to narrow down the range of specific priority areas of biomedicine and clinical medicine to oncology, neurobiology, allergology and immunology, medical genetics, medical microbiology, and infectious diseases. Issue topics will fall within these areas of knowledge. We will continue to publish works on unprioritized topics, but from now on, the requirements for their scientific novelty, quality and style will be stricter.